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In a word, Playa Caracoal is epic. Here senses amplify–alive with colors, textures and sound. Our stunning kilometer of beach is a soft, sugary confection. Waves are a pastiche of aquamarine, navy and turquoise. The jungle cloaks exotic flora and multi-colored toucans. Your horizon is defined only by the pebbles tossed by Inca giants–volcanic islands to modern man. Come, take Paradise's pulse.


Ten years ago the only way to get to Chame peninsula was by boat. No roads penetrated to the coast. Chame was little more than small farms and shrimp flats. Developers skipped this peninsula to build high-rise projects much further south. This oasis remains an oasis.


Playa Caracol is a signature project by Panama developer
Grupo Los Pueblos.

Today, Grupo Los Pueblos and several other cooperating developers cooperate to conserve the natural environment on the Chame peninsula. They established fierce standards for ecologically sensitive building and sustainability that exceed government rules. Much of the land is protected nature preserve now.


Pacific Ocean tides alternate between dead calm and surf-worthy curls. Paddle board in the morning and surf in the afternoon. Chame has caught the attention of surfers because it’s the only beach in Panama free from rocks, making your wipe outs a


Playa Caracol is happily isolated on the Chame peninsula, with its own shopping center and restaraunts, and it’s only 20 minutes from major shopping, cafes and healthcare in nearby Coronado. Panama City is an hour away by the Trans American highway. The international airport, Tocumen, is expanding to become largest airport in Latin America. It serves over ten million passengers per year now. As a world transport hub, it has direct flights all over the US and Canada, as well as Europe, the Middle East and China.

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The photo to the left is an actual photo of Playa Caracoal. It's not a rendering, not 3D virtual reality, not Photoshop. That's our beach, our nature preserve and our mountain. Details

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